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Our Mission

We aim to serve the community by introducing our specially designed programmes to pre-school and primary school children (3 to 12 years old).

Assessment will be conducted for every student to determine their level of proficiency.

Our Belief

J.W. Santrock indicates that “Early precursors of literacy and academic success include language skills, phonological and syntactic knowledge, letter identification, and conceptual knowledge about print and its conventions and functions (Jalongo, 2007; Otto, 2008).”

He also states that “A longitudinal study found that phonological awareness, letter name and sound knowledge and naming speed in kindergarten were linked to reading success in the first and second grade (Schattschneider & others, 2004).”

A child’s language and literacy development that takes place in the early childhood lay the foundation for later development in his/her primary school years. Studies have shown that there is a link between a child’s advances in literacy skills during his/her early childhood and the reading and academic success in the child’s primary school years.

Our Curriculum Writers

The team consists of experienced teachers who specialized in the teaching of English Language. They have taught in local schools and enrichment centres for over 20 years. Their passion for helping young children excel in English Literacy has motivated them to write a programme that focuses on reading and writing skills. They have deep knowledge in the English syllabus, content and the implementation of Holistic Assessments in local primary schools.

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