About Us

English Literacy Educators

We are the only centre that provides a seamless transition from foundational english literacy teaching at the preschool level, to an academic focused programme at the primary level. 

We know that child grows and learns in their own unique ways. At The One English Academy, we first assess each child’s ability before assigning them into a class that best caters to their learning styles. Our student-centric approach ensures that your child develops to their best abilities, all while having fun!

An experienced team
of educators

The One English Academy is led by former senior-teachers from the preschool and primary level, who have the necessary knowledge to nurture your child into confident and engaged learners. Combined with our expertise on various pedagogies, the curriculum is intricately developed and taught by a team of dedicated and experienced educators.

A learning journey tailored
for each child

With our small class sizes and friendly teachers, we ensure that each student has an experience tailored just for them. At The One English Academy, we believe that a child who is engaged is the best learner. We encourage active participation in lessons, with an unparalleled hands-on approach that gives your child nothing less than an enriching experience.