Our Curriculum Overview

Building strong foundations

Building strong foundations in phonics and reading is crucial for any child’s literacy and academic success. The pre-school programme is segmented into 3 levels. Based on your child’s literacy assessment, they will be allocated a programme best suited for their pace and style of learning.

As your child moves up the programmes, their focus will shift from basic reading skills to higher-level passage dissections. Blended with a mix of hands-on activities, our suite of programmes are built to transform your child into a confident reader, writer and speaker.

Early Literacy
(Level I)

- Listen & retell stories
- Recognising rhymes, names of letters and the sounds they make
- Segment words and blend sounds
- Develop spelling, oral and presentation skills

Jump-Start Reading
(Level II)

- Read regular and irregular words phonetically
- Read and recognise high-frequency words
- Sentence construction and locating information in a text
- Build foundation in grammar and vocabulary

Comprehensive Literacy
(Level III)

- Process words with sophisticated units
- Advance skills in vocabulary and grammar
- Explore creative writing
- Develop skills in answering comprehension questions, oral and presentation skills